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Materials and Forms

Prometheus strives to provide our customers easy access to our laboratory services and information about our pharmaceutical products.

Prometheus has knowledgeable Technical Sales Specialists working around the country and a dedicated Customer Service department to provide technical information and assist with laboratory testing logistics.

  • Prometheus offers online services to healthcare professionals for easy access to test results.
  • Prometheus has laboratory agreements across the country to help provide better access to our services.
  • Prometheus provides IATA compliant specimen transportation packs to our customers at no charge.
  • Prometheus works regularly with local and national healthcare plans to help provide better network coverage.

Please call us at (888) 423-5227 to learn more about our products and services. Customer Service department is available Monday-Friday from 6:00am to 4:30pm Pacific Time to assist you.

Prometheus offers additional resources for our products and services.

Please visit the Products section of the site for more information.